allows for the standardised calculation of carbon dioxide emissions per consignment.

Business are under pressure to step down the carbon dioxide emissions of their operations as much as possible. In the case of road haulage however, calculating these emissions was ambivalent, until recently that is. With the new carbon dioxide guide for hauliers, today there is a reliable and widely endorsed method to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions of consignments.

This new guide is based on the international CEN-EN 16258 standard and helps businesses to collate objective data. Business owners can use the information obtained for reduction purposes or for publication.

Before anything else, the methodology is simple and practical, enabling large as well as small businesses to use it.

Click here to download the ''Toerekeningmethodiek van de CO2-uitstoot voor goederenvervoer over de weg' (Imputing methodology of carbon dioxide emissions for the carriage of goods by road) manual, entirely free of charge. Temporarily Dutch only, an English edition is coming soon.

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DHB Logistiek is the initiator behind the new carbon dioxide guide. TLN, EVO, Green Freight Europe, Connekt/Lean and Green and a large number of business owners have embraced the idea. CE Delft, Dinalog, Duoinlog, Panteia/NEA and Syntens have brought their know-how to the consortium. The manual was jointly devised by all the parties involved.

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