Anywhere in the Benelux, within 24 hours.

Traffic problems, closed-off inner cities, stricter environmental standards, etc. It is not simple to distribute all your goods in the Benelux within 24 hours via a single organisation.

DHB is the solution to this problem. The DHB network transfers your goods bilaterally at night between the various locations. On the following morning, they are already in your client's neighbourhood. This occurs through own cross-docking operations and using our own lorries, without central transfer. In the meantime, you can monitor the status of your goods and the progress of the distribution process around the clock.

This fast transfer of goods and information is DHB’s secret weapon. The number of transport legs and the impact on the environment decreases whilst your response speed increases. Your distribution in the Benelux is henceforth a powerful and sustainable instrument with which you can flexibly and accurately meet the constantly changing requirements of your clients.


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