Privacy policy

Storage of details
The IP addresses of computers that visit the website are automatically identified by the webserver.

When you visit our website, we store:

  • your e-mail address when you fill in a contact form
  • the domain name of other websites you have consulted to reach our website
  • all information about the pages you have consulted on our website

This information is used:

  • to improve the contents of
  • to establish the number of visits to

The information is used strictly internally and is not passed on to other organisations for commercial purposes.

This website uses cookies to enable us to improve the contents of our website and to determine the number of visits to our website. A cookie is a tiny file that is sent by a webserver and installs onto the hard disk of your computer. This file keeps track of the website visited and contains a number of details about this visit.

If you no longer wish to receive e-mails about DHB at any point in time, please contact us at e-mail address.